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  • nourishes hinges and gristles
  • helps to reduce hinge painfulness
  • supports healthy growth of hinge-gristles
  • improves the regeneration of hinges, sinews and ligaments
  • exact dosing thanks to gelatine capsules

Protection Gelatine is a pure gelatine hydrolysate of a high biological value enriched with L-cystine, rutine and vitamins C and B6. It provides the needed substances for improving the nutrition of hinge-gristles, sinews and ligaments. It can reduce painfulness and improve mobility of hinges. With regular feeding it can prevent declining condition of joint couplings.

Tested by racing dogs.


Preventative and during growth one capsule per day for 10kg of the dog´s weight. By therapy, injury, older dogs and period of higher sport performance 2 capsules per day for 10kg of dog´s weight.

Active substance - mg/1 cap
Hydrolysate gelatine mg 430
Vitamin C mg 60
L-cystin mg 5,0
Vitamin B6 mg 0,8
Rutin mg 3,0


Hydrolysate gelatine, Vitamin C, L-cystin, Vitamin B6, Rutin + gelatine pod (100% gelatine).


Store in a dry climate up to 25°C. Veterinary product number is: 041-08/C. Made in EU. Package content: 150 capsules